The Atonement of Man


"The Atonement of Man" by Boston Elements

  • Photograph by Jeremy Lucido
  • Printed on stretched canvas
  • Hand-painted by Boston
  • Size: 20" W x 30" W x 3" D 
  • One of a kind original piece
  • 2" black wood frame

"Boston Elements" is a sex-positive queer artist hailing from the Midwest, currently residing in Santa Barbara. Frustrated by the shame surrounding natural sexuality, he seeks to familiarize the world with passion's innocence. Inspired by the artful design of the male form & a playful take on modern romance. 

Starrfucker has been one of Boston's most prized inspirations. The combination of Jeremy Lucido's stunning artistry with the tantalizing sexual imagery Starrfucker provides has been the spark for many of Boston's creations. Starrfucker Magazine is a shining example of the beauty of celebrating our bodies and desires can create.

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