The uprising against police brutality and the unjust murders of George FloydAhmaud ArberyBreonna TaylorDavid McAteeTony McDadeRobert FullerDominique “Rem’mie” FellsMaurice GordonRiah MiltonMalcolm HarschElijah McClainRayshard BrooksOluwatoyin Salau, and many more have mobilized millions to fight against systemic racist policies and norms in America. 

The fight can take different forms, including (but not limited to) protestingeducatinglisteningconsciously shopping, and, of course, donating. Starrfucker Magazine has compiled and vetted as many foundations, resources, and credited institutions taking donations below. Please contact us with any suggestions or additions to our resource list.  


Donations will go toward supporting the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, James Scurlock, Tony McDade, David McAtee, Robert Fuller, Rayshard Brooks, Elijah McClain, and Breonna Taylor.

Elijah McClain Memorial Fund
Community Support for Robert Fuller
Rayshard Brooks Memorial Fund
George Floyd Memorial Fund
I Run With Maud
James Scurlock Memorial Fund
Tony Mcdade Memorial Fund
David McAtee Memorial Fund
Justice for Breonna Taylor
Gianna Floyd Fund


Single donations will be split between multiple organizations, with the ability to adjust what goes where.

Act Blue Bail, Mutual Aid, and Racial Justice Organization Funds
Act Blue Racism and Police Brutality Funds
Act Blue Bail Funds



  • JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR She would have been 27 on 6/5/2020. Let’s help her family get justice.
  • NATIONAL RESOURCE LIST A comprehensive list of legal service providers, petitions, bailout donations, memorial funds, mutual aid, and more. Compiled by @botanicaldyke
  • NAACP Learn how you can support policy demands like criminal justice, voting rights, and more.
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER LA A great resource for up to date information in Los Angeles


This is for my non-POC friends. It is up to us to dismantle white supremacy, and we need to take the initiative to learn about its history, our role in it, and how to be actively anti-racist. These books are essential and are a great starting point. 


    Donations will go toward providing ongoing mental-health and health-care support, monetary support, and education to Black LGBTQ communities.

    The Transgender District
    Brave Space Alliance
    Sylvia Rivera Law Project
    The Okra Project
    Black AIDS Institute
    The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
    Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society
    Trans Justice Funding Project
    Vocal New York; New York State
    House of GG; Arkansas
    Youth Breakout; New Orleans, Louisiana
    Solutions Not Punishment; Atlanta, Georgia
    Trans Cultural District; San Francisco, California
    The Audre Lorde Project; New York City


    I am the creator of Starrfucker Magazine and an artist based in Los Angeles. And as a sole proprietor and independent artist, I value, encourage, and require feedback from my readers, customers, and voices from the LGBTQ community in regards to continuing to create my artwork and magazine that is inclusive, informed, and authentic. Invite anyone to reach out to me to have an open dialogue on how I can use my personal and community platform to do better for all in the LGBTQ+ as All Black Lives Matter.          

    - Jeremy Lucido